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My Slam Poetry Collection

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A part of the show I’ve been in, Mad Moose Mayhem 3 at Grande Prairie Live Theatre, there was a Slam Poetry segment.  In the show introduction the audience was asked for a topic, then anyone in the cast who wanted to participate had to write a poem on that topic, to be read to the audience in the second act.  The show was a variety show – skits, songs, dance, comedy, films.

I figured I would do it.  None of my bits were on until the second act so I had plenty of time to come up with…. something!

There were six performance nights – but a lot of the cast did decide to participate so I didn’t actually get to read my poem to the audience every time – but I did write one each night!  So here they are (with placings noted!)

September 12 – theme from audience: Potholes of Grande Prairie   (I WON!)

Oh pothole, thou art more jarring that Gilbert Gottfried’s voice.

More of you appear every morn,

Making each drive to work oh so forlorn.

I wish I could find my sister’s VW Bug but she lost it in a pothole

by Canfor one year.

We really miss that car…

and my sister too.

September 13 – theme from audience: Jacked-Up Trucks  (I WON!)

The neighbour’s bloody truck

Still sits in their backyard

Forever up on the blocks.

Long term project waits

for disposable income

Jacked-up dreams of glory.

Chrome, pinstripes, metal balls,

hemis, lift-kits, huge giant tires,

… Compensating Much?

September 14 – Theme from the audience: Outhouse (didn’t compete)

Childhood memories of cold dark nights

Holding it in to the point of paint

So I wouldn’t have to get dressed in a snowsuit

just to take it off in a tiny freezing shack.

The Sears catalogue was really rough.

The good thing about the cold was

that it didn’t smell… that much.

Ours wasn’t a hold in the ground

It was a large can that my mom

would have to emtpy as needed,

which was difficult when it was frozen.

My poor mom… she put up with a lot of shit.

September 19th – Audience theme: Moose Jerky (didn’t place)

Moose Meat


Moose Crossing

Moose is Loose

Moose Jaw

Moose and Sqirrel

Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate Covered Bacon

Bacon! Mmmmmmm

Cured Meat

Storing Meat

Dried Meat

Beef Jerky

Moose Jerky

September 20th – Audience theme: Smurfs (Second Place)

Childhood memory

Evil little brother’s game

Scare your sister with a smurf

Nasty little trolls

Blue fur, shirtless, annoying

I hate smurfs!  My solution! (at this point I raised a martini glass of blue liquid and drank it)

September 21st – Audience theme: Pickles (Second Place)

There once was a lady from Pickle

Who was known for being quite fickle

Once night on a dare, she let down her hair

And they cut it all off with a sickle.

So, that’s my Slam Poetry Collection.  Do you think I have a future as a poet?



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