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Mom and I are local celebrities!

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It is quite the month for our faces to be seen around town!

First, me (it is my blog after all!)  I am the cover story for a local magazine called Grande Prairie Smart Guide  for their Sept/Oct issue.  I was interviewed by one of their writers, they sent a photographer over to my house for a photo shoot to get a cover photo of me, and I gave them some of my photos just in case they wanted to use them with the article.  They posted the online version of the magazine on Thursday night… too cool.  They actually used one of my photos as the cover and one of me inside with the story.  Which is fine… my work speaks for itself and I don’t like photos of me most of the time.

GP Smart Guide Sept-Oct 2013You may recognize the cover photo as it is from last fall’s Art Gallery body painting demonstration which I’ve posted on Facebook a “few” times.

The article is pretty complimentary and really pushes the SFX and Halloween angle… very good timing.  I made sure to post a new Kijiji ad for Halloween so people will see my name everywhere!  I am actually pretty solidly booked for October 26th already, only have about an hour left open early afternoon, and the morning of the 31st is booked solid too.

Now Mom… The Grande Prairie Volunteer Services Bureau has just started a new media campaign and recruited some locals to be the “models”  – My mom still volunteers, even after the stroke, and she actually used to volunteer at the Volunteer Services Bureau on practically a full-time basis about 10 years back.  So they asked if she would be willing to be in the ad campaign and she agreed.  So we had a photo shoot with the other volunteer models back in August.  Last week one of the city buses had a full length poster installed on it… so mom is on a bus!  And there will be posters going up all over town next week, radio ads, cable ads, newspaper and magazine ads.

If you are looking at the magazine link above, to read my article… check out page 15 as mom is there in the Volunteer ad.

Here is one of the posters from the campaign…

sports poster

The photographer for the magazine shoot sent me some of the images for my own use which was really nice of her!!  Here is one of them – I had set up a display of some of my props, tools and prosthetics, and some of my trophies…


Oh, and as I mentioned in a previous post I am performing in Mad Moose Mayhem 3 – we opened on Thursday.  This morning I had to attend an annual general meeting for work and two people came up to me to tell me they loved me in the show.  I am being recognized all over!!  LOL

In the show there is a Slam Poetry Contest… at the beginning of the show the MC asks for a topic from the audience then any of the cast who want to take part write a poem about it.  Then we have to read them on stage during the second act.  I’ve participated each night so far… and have WON both nights!  I ran off stage yelling “two nights in a row!”  I always say… go for the laugh.  And I always take my own advice!  I think I’ll post a “collection” of my poetry when the run is over.  That would be at least six poems if I complete every night.

Well… so far a good month here.   Now to get my “art” piece done for the Wearable Arts Show on September 28th.


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