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Work, work, work

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I am entering the Wearable Arts Show (on September 28th) again this year and am well into construction of bits for it.  I’ve got a couple of models lined up.  Measured my female model so I can make pieces and embellishments to attach to her after painting her with latex.

I like painting with latex for this type of event as it holds up really well for the whole day and multiple performances… and looks really sharp! People don’t believe it is painted on.  And as the day progresses the latex actually loosens and starts to act like fabric!  You can actually see that in the photo below – the latex is folding and creasing as she walks forward at the top of her legs.

I’m spending hours a day in my basement studio constructing a multitude of decorations and sections that will be attached to my model once I have her painted.  I also have a male model that I am making a costume for, music that a friend is editing for me, and choreography to plan for the runway performance!

This was from the last Wearable Arts Show I participated in back in 2011. (Photo by Lucasz Herba Images)

Lukasz Herba

Last year I ended up body painting at the Art Gallery (paid gig) on the day of the Wearable Arts Show so missed it.  I had already started collecting props and had a plan which I’ve resurrected for this year.

I also am in a show that is running in September – closing night is the week before the Wearable Arts Show.  I am in rehearsal now and it opens on September 12.  Mad Moose Mayhem 3 at Grande Prairie Live Theatre.  The short play I am in is called “I Can’t Think of It Right Now”… again, playing middle-aged (sigh) … I am soooo type cast!

Mad Moose 3

The day-job at the Grande Prairie Volunteer Services Bureau is going really well too.  Finished my three-month probation period yesterday and got a raise which is always appreciated!  I really am enjoying the work I am doing there.  I’m on Facebook as the Program Coordinator.

The 5 Alarm Photo Project is in full swing – I’ve worked with four of the five photographers that are participating this year.  Three had me do the make-up for their Horror shoots and one had me work on two of their shoots – Scenic Portrait and Scene From A Movie.   So that will make five pieces in the show that are of my work out of twenty-five.  I am really looking forward to seeing the final shots the photographers entered.  Once the show is open I will be able to share images of the work I did.

Our casual aide for mom gave notice and today was her last shift.  She is entering her third year of nursing at the college and her schedule will get very difficult to schedule around.  We keep losing our casuals because of that!  We have hired nursing students from the college for the casual aide position repeatedly – it works well up until they start their third year.  Luckily our other casual is quite willing to take up the slack, but we still need another available.  I sent the posting over to the college but have had no response yet… but classes don’t start till next week.

Halloween appointment slots are filling up with repeat customers… so far have some sfx and some movie recreations booked.  If you would like to book send me a Facebook Message or email me soon as I am filling up fast.


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