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It has been a busy summer, time for a nap

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Things have been hectic this summer.  Between my new day-job as Program Coordinator for the Grande Prairie Volunteer Services Bureau where I was responsible for coordinating the volunteers for the International Street Performers Festival, amongst many  other duties; to my face painting bookings which included my annual summer festivals and birthday parties; to auditioning and being offered a role in a play and improv troupe and starting rehearsals; to multiple make-up bookings doing sfx and body painting for various photographers for  a local show/competition that they are all participating in; to designing for a show I am entering myself…

Add to that list taking care of mom, having one aide give me two weeks notice which means I have to start looking for another one, hopefully by the first of September, and planning a surprise party for mom’s 75th birthday.

Sunday the exhaustion hit hard.  We had been painting at an agricultural fair a couple towns to the west all day – it wasn’t a super long gig, but add a couple hours of driving on top of that, and lifting mom’s wheelchair in and out of the RAV4, and then assisting her… I was zonked.  We stopped and picked up dinner at Mucho Burrito. I got mom back in the house, served the food, ate (it was really good) and then was barely able to keep my eyes open.  I didn’t get the car unloaded until this morning… except for my palette that I only remembered to get out of the car after I’d turned out the lights to go to bed.  I had to set it out to dry out overnight.  I went to bed an hour early and slept right through… and honestly would have liked to stay there a couple more hours.

I had a photo shoot Monday evening – meaning I was the SUBJECT of a photo shoot!  I’ve been interviewed for a magazine and they sent a photographer over to my house to take head shots for the cover.  How cool, eh?  So me on the cover, not my work, which is a change.    It should be out early next month I think.  The photographer hauled in a ton of stuff – portable backdrop, lights, reflectors, etc. set it all up in the dining room.  It was all over in an hour.

Next two evenings are rehearsals, then Thursday is another photo shoot – this time I am doing the make-up here then heading out to location to finish it.  I think I have a quiet weekend planned… well as quiet as laundry, kit cleaning, vacuuming, cleaning the garage, putting away assorted items in my studio and starting the build for the wearable arts show costumes and props.

My submission for the wearable arts show this year is pretty involved – have to make a costume for one model, and create lots of pieces for the other which will be a body paint.  I’m searching out supplies and fabric, and doing research.  It is going to be a massive amount of advance work… using a whole grab bag full of different items and products.  I hope my hand can take all the detail work.


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