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It’s my birthday


Feeling a little blah.  We had planned to go out for a nice dinner but the weather was crappy this morning so we didn’t get out of our jammies.  It has cleared up now but… I don’t feel like getting cleaned up and dressed up.  So I made coleslaw and pasta for dinner.

I had considered making a cake but didn’t.  One sister called about 8:45 this morning to tell me I’m old, the other posted on my FB timeline.  One of mom’s aides delivered the present from mom – they’d gone shopping on Wednesday and she kept it so I wouldn’t find it.  It is a lidded salad bowl with a built-in freezer bag – freeze the bowl, and it will then keep salads cool.  Mom figured I could use it to keep my paints cool on hot days – it is my “company” colour of teal.  Should work pretty well actually… and for salads too!  And then our full-time aide arrived with a card and artificial arrangement of sunflowers and bulrushes as she knows we are both allergic.  It is very nice and I may take it to work for my office – right now I put it in my bedroom as it goes with my large framed sunflower poster.

I ate my last stashed Cadbury chocolate bar earlier today and now I want chocolate again. [sigh]

I spent several hours researching volunteer bureaus and typed up a couple of draft documents for work which I then emailed to myself.

I’ve got an appointment tomorrow to do make-up for a photo shoot and have to get my studio tidied up tonight… and have to wash a lot of brushes and I still need to put away stuff from the last show.

At work I’m scrambling to get all the volunteers signed up that we need for the Grande Prairie International Street Performer’s Festival which is Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  I was informed yesterday that there is a need for 24 more volunteers to work with the stilt-walkers at the stilt-walking workshops.  If you’re in Grande Prairie and have a few hours to spare, give me a call!

Today went by pretty fast actually – I think all the typing ate up the afternoon on me.  Mom will want to go to bed soon, so I can then go downstairs to get to work setting up for tomorrow.  Oh, there… she just asked to go to bed when Murdoch is done!  LOL  Do I know my mom or what?


2 thoughts on “It’s my birthday

  1. Happy birthday Shannon!!! Celebrate it better tomorrow! You gotta have cake…

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