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Canada Day at the Park

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We had a good day at Muskoseepi Park on Monday.  It was scorching hot… 34C.  Really hot for us here (I know some of you are scoffing!) and very unusual for this time of year.  A lot of people did not come down for the free activities, concerts, etc.  Usually the line for face painting at events there are hours long and take up the whole path… this time it went around the side of our tent, and then folded back on itself but never got long enough to reach up to the path.  Very steady for the three of us painting, but it ended naturally at closing time.  We closed the line and I only turned away three or so kids after that, so it worked out well.

We did my usual Canada Day routine of only offering red, white and black designs.  I had at least five signs up explaining it.  Also signs listing word choices/suggestions of designs – first time I’ve tried this.  I can’t really say it was a raving success but it did make things a little easier for my assistants as there was no expectation of the design result looking like a photo of some thing I had painted.  Parents were reading it to the little kids and obviously the word “superhero” is too vague – I got several older boys asking for Ironman and Wolverine.  We had to explain often that we were only using red and white, even with all the signs up and only those colours on the table.

Lots of Spidermen, Hello Kitties, Zombies (many on cute little girls), Butterflies, Flags, Cats, Tigers, a Lightening McQueen, some Wolves, etc.  One of my crew, Devon, was doing cats running across foreheads farting “rainbows” and glitter by request which was hilarious.

A local photographer pre-arranged to come down to take photos.  She wanted to add to her portfolio.  She was at the Swan Festival in April and had taken some great shots of my paintings.  I really love the shots she got that she’s shared with me.  Her wildlife photography is amazing – check out her work Chipabirdee Images and her name is Marilyn Grubb.  Here are photos she took and shared with me (and everyone as they are on Facebook too!)

Bat July 1 2013

Bat 2 July 1 2013

Canada Tiger July 1 2013

Canada Tiger 2 July 1 2013

Cat July 1 2013

Flag July  1 2013

Kitty July 1 2013

Tools July 1 2013


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