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Some pictures to share

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I was recently sent some photos taken of my crew while we worked at the Easter Eggstravaganza back in April at Muskoseepi Park.   The photographer took working photos and then had us pose for him for some shots after we shut down for the day.

Here is a shot of all of us at work… the line was in the hallway to the right on the other side of that door.  People were really good about waiting for us to call “next” so didn’t crowd into the room, so we’ve only got the parents of the kids being painted in there which was nice.  I prefer not to see how many are waiting!


This is Alex:


This is Candi:


This is Devon:


This is Mom and Brandt – they were the cleaning and sanitizing crew.  Brandt was amazing – he took immediate control and kept us all supplied with clean and sanitized brushes all day.  He collected the used brushes from each of us, washed them, passed them to Mom for sanitizing and then returned them to us when she was done, as well as emptying the buckets, getting clean water, etc.  I hope he’s available next year as they want two more painters which would bring it up to eight plus cleaning crew!


And this is the whole crew.  Back row: Devon, Candi, me, Amy, Alex.  Front row: Brandt, Mom and Shelly.


It was a busy day and the Park booked again for next year when they gave me the cheque.


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