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You like me, you really, really like me…

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My Facebook business page has surpassed 1000 likers as of this morning!!  That is very cool.

In honour of the occasion I am going to randomly select someone from all my likers at 6 p.m. (MDST) tonight, using a random number generator, and send them this very cool prize package I’ve put together.  There is still time to get into the draw… just head over to my page to check it out, and like it. ShannonFennell.MakeUp or click on the button on the right.

I found this bag a couple of weeks ago… I saw it and I HAD to buy it.  It screamed at me BUY ME I AM A FACE PAINTER’S BAG!  I had already decided I was going to do a prize draw so it was absolutely perfect.


It is a courier style bag with a very long adjustable strap for wearing across your body, two small inside pockets, velcro closure and pretty roomy.  It would make an awesome small kit bag!

Of course, you can’t give purses without something in them… so, here’s what I’ve filled it up with:


– An autographed copy of my book “Your Face or Mine” published by Snazaroo USA Inc.

– My “Designs & Templates, Volume 1” CD of forms, articles, step-by-step designs and templates.

– Six bags of glitter – in colours as close as I could to match the purse.  I think the bags are 1 ounce (but I could be wrong…)

– A bag of Amerikan Body Art glitter stars.

– A bar of Purity soap from Reef Botanicals – the BEST soap, IMO, for washing brushes and sponges.

– Six assorted brushes – I’ve included ones that I use and like. A filbert, small rounds, medium round, round sable and a small filbert called a “doll” that is amazing for tiny lines and details.

– A flower shaped sponge on a stick (this is actually a mouth swab… but makes a great “stamp” for flowers!)

– A small selection of stencils – some 3-part, some 2-part.

– A black rhinestone adhesive spider decal.  I bought several at the after Halloween sales last year – plan to use mine for creating a great decolletage Vampira design.

– A Ben Nye Clown White Lite cream make-up.  This is not face paint, but makes a great solid base once you powder it, and you can use face paint on top to do your detail work.

– A pink Fairy for your car or office.

– Two Canada Flag pins, just because, and a pack of Beeman’s Gum.

I think that’s a good selection of face painter stuff to play around with.

I’ll include postage/shipping up to $50.00 CAD… if it is more the winner will need to cover the difference if they want it faster than slow boat parcel post.

So… I will be doing the draw in seven hours from now… stay tuned!  I will post the winner on my FB page shortly after 6 p.m.




First image – page at 6 p.m. showing 1036 likers.  PLEASE NOTE, during the process of copying the names of my likers into Excel to number them, I deleted and banned a person.  Then ran the random number generator.  I discovered this person had another profile while I was going through the list in Excel after I’d run the number generator, and deleted and banned that one too… hence, there being two less likers now than at 6 p.m.


Random Number Generator result:


And, the names numbered in Excel in the same order as on FB:



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