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My latest role

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Last Friday I was part of a professional troupe providing entertainment at a corporate event in the form of a murder mystery.  The company, Terry Shane Murder Mysteries had put out the word a month or so back recruiting cast members.  They needed a few from the local area to work with their regulars who were coming in from Calgary and Edmonton.  So I sent of an email and did a reading over the phone and got offered a role.

It was such fun!!  There is a “script” which gives the basic scenario and background info but we get to build our characters up ourselves, create our own costume and then stay in character all evening improvising with the guests and each other.

The event was Aquatera’s 10th Anniversary dinner and I knew several people there… I ran into one the next day and he hadn’t realized it was me!  LOL

The part I played was “Dr. Penny Trayshin” … sex therapist (say the name out loud… )

All the cast worked the room, visiting all the tables and chatting with the guests, dropping information so that everyone had an equal chance to solve the crime at the end of the evening.  The setting was at dinner to celebrate our spa’s 10th anniversary (what a coincidence!)

My character was described as a cougar… and it was suggested that animal prints were great for her.  So I went shopping at Value Village and Goodwill… and I already had the glasses and the wig… and that necklace!  It is unfortunate, but my beautiful turquoise eye-shadow does not register behind the glasses!





Everyone was having a great time and the review was great!  I wish the company functions I’ve had to attend over the years had booked entertainment like this!  If you are interested in finding out more (and maybe would like to book a show!) check out the website Terry Shane Murder Mysteries to find out more about the company and how to book! (And be sure to say I sent you!)


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