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Swan Festival 2013

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Back on April 21 I face painted at the Annual Swan Festival out at Saskatoon Island Provincial Park.  This year they set up a tent for us… complete with straw floor!


It was a nice day, a bit breezy but nice… we were layered and did not need to take off anything.  I did have to put my hood up to protect my ears from sunburn… and got my first sunburn of the season on my hands.  I always forget the sunscreen… but it was April!!  I get one a year then I remember to put on sunscreen the rest of the year.

It was busy… my line was long but they were on the whole polite and appreciative.  One lady was telling mom how wonderful it was that she came and helped me as washing the brushes made the line move faster.  That was cute – true, but still cute.

This giant duck was eating children… I think.  But it could have been  a bounce house… I didn’t get close to it.


This was the first event that I used my new, lovely, acrylic palette at… It is great. The size of the holes work great for loading and barely any colour ended up on the edges as there was enough room that the sponges didn’t touch the edges.


I also used, for the first time, pink sponges that come from Always Wicked Art in Australia – mine came from Christina Davison of Amadazzle who sells them in North America.  Nice.  Very nice.  They are denser than my tack sponges and the Fantasy Worldwide green sponges that I like, and provide a very smooth finish.  And they are pink and sparkle in the sun!!  If I ever give up my other sponges (not likely, as my tack sponges are over 10 years old and look as good as new) I would definitely be re-stocking with these.


You can see the sponges in the bucket at the top right of this photo.  The amber ones are tack sponges, the green Fantasy Worldwide and the pink are the new ones.

As usual I was painted for the day… this year’s swan design:


After I painted them I realized I should have made their necks longer… my swans are geese.  And the flying one looks like a 767… LOL.

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Multidisciplinary artist, world traveller, make-up artist, and cheese lover. I follow a low carb lifestyle to keep my diabetes in remission. Canadian expat in the UK.

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