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May I present…. My new, filled, palette!


I couldn’t wait until the weekend to start filling my preciousness.

I spent three hours working on it last night and only got part of it filled.  I had to wait until I put mom to bed so I could go downstairs to work on it.

The first hour or so was spent sorting through my stock and laying out my colour choices on the table.


Then sorting them, rearranging, switching, realizing I had no Kryolan UV Pink and that my Wolfe Red was almost empty, did I need dark purple or light purple, how many shades of blue did I need, was that colour that I only really use for one design necessary or could I use something else, and if it was necessary what else could I eliminate… then realizing after I started to cut the first cakes that there were two essential colours that I use that I hadn’t included so then I had to remove something in order to fit them in…

I made myself a template of the square to trace on the cakes for cutting.


I used a non-serrated steak knife and my dental palette knife to cut and work with the cakes.



The Wolfe white was really difficult to cut though – it was a 90 gm cake and very thick and hard.


The Kryolan was the easiest to remove in a solid block, particularly the Interferenz colours.


First one down – Snazaroo White, for bases.


Second one down – Wolfe White, for detail work.

First Row

First row complete!  This was hard work.  After the white I have Snazaroo Black, TAG Pearl Black, Snazaroo Brown, Snazaroo Bright Red, and Wolfe Red.

Second Row

Second row was mostly Kryolan Interferenz – don’t they look LUSH against the black palette?

First night

I got two rows, plus one, filled before my eyes started to glaze over and I went to bed.

Tonight (oh, I guess I mean last night, just realized it is 1:30 a.m.) I returned to try to finish filled the palette.  Got mom to bed at 8 p.m. and then spent over four hours working on it.

Even with all the sorting and rearranging last night I still had some colours I needed to switch out. It dawned on me a couple of my most popular designs used colours I had decided not to use, so I put them back.  I also decided to make a couple of two-colour splits – Snazaroo Electric Purple/Sparkle Lilac and Snazaroo Yellow Ochre/Sparkle Yellow.  I also cut my Grimas Rainbow cake to put it in – and then stuffed in the bits of red left from an old rainbow in to fill in the hole so it was a tight fit.

I also spent an inordinate amount of time going back and forth about the light yellow.  I use if for two designs but they are popular – zombie teeth and the moon on my Bat-mask.  I ended up leaving it in.  If I had a Dark Orange I may have changed my mind.  I don’t use orange much, Sparkle Orange, yes, but not regular orange so I didn’t bother with one.  I’ve got the Sparkle and the UV if I need to punch up the colour.

I also put in Snazaroo Electric Blue – I don’t use it a lot, BUT, it is the only colour for Optimus Prime IMO, plus it is great for winter scenes and night skies.

I wrote the colours down on the template of the palette design if you really want to know what they all are:


In order to fill the holes I had to use the following:  Kryolan colours I used part of one cake, the Interferenz are whole cakes (smooshed down!), Funky Foxes were two cakes, Snaz were mostly 1.5 cakes, the TAG was two cakes, the DFX was part of one cake as was the Wolfe.

So… all done!  And in all honestly I have to say… it is bloody heavy!  But isn’t it gorgeous?


Author: Shannon Fennell

Multidisciplinary artist, world traveller, make-up artist, and cheese lover. I follow a low carb lifestyle to keep my diabetes in remission. Canadian expat in the UK.

6 thoughts on “May I present…. My new, filled, palette!

  1. Looks great! I know you’re not going to want to hear this, BUT I have a palette like that and I put the white and black next to each other originally and ended up having to move the black, as every time I sponge, part of the black ends up in the white 😦 As long as you don’t have a light and dark color next to each other, it’s okay, but you will spend some time having to wipe colors down.

  2. I’m so jealous! Looks REALLY nice.

  3. Oh my! The things that make face painters happy! I”m the same way – got an order from Jest Paint last week… almost $150… I was happier than a pig in muck!

    Gotta ask… I see your a fan of Kryolan… I’ve only got the white one that I bought for detailing but I keep going back to Wolfe… I love that it’s creamy but isn’t it too creamy for coverage?

    Thanks, have a great day & enjoy Summer that’s just around the corner!

    • I have both Snazaroo White and Wolfe White in the palette… the first two colours I loaded. I use both Snazaroo and Kryolan white for bases, depends what I have on hand when I need to refill, and use Wolfe white for the line work (I did mention that in the post!) I like the Kryolan coloure, LOVE the Interferenz line and it is easy to get my hands on.

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