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Wow wow wow


Yesterday a large box was delivered by UPS… who then proceeded to hold it hostage until mom coughed up her credit card to pay $75.54 in brokerage fees and taxes.  Bloody thieves.

But I digress.

The box contained my custom designed, personalized, shiny black acrylic, laser cut palette!


Essentially I won this from Snazaroo USA – I had placed second in the Halloween Free-For-All for 2012 and the prize was $100 in product, and then I also placed second in the Brian Wolfe Fundraising Contest and the prize contribution from Snaz was $300 in products.  I opted to use all of my “credit” towards ordering this custom palette.

It is virtually indestructible.  My name is etched into the lid, there is a decorative etching around the bottom of the base. Size wise it is very much like a laptop.  I chose to have 35 square holes –  I currently have 70 colours in my working kit but many I don’t use, so I am going to take my top 35.  The holes will hold approximately 2 ounces: so about one Kryolan cake, or almost two 18ml Snaz.

I’ll be spending part of the weekend filling it up!

I think I will have to replace all my towels and table covers now to match it – I’m thinking black.  Don’t you agree?


2 thoughts on “Wow wow wow

  1. Very very nice. Congratulations on your win.

  2. Yes Black! and please post a pic once you fill it up.

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