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I survived the Bunny Apocalypse… I think. Ask me in the morning.


I am beat.  Painting bunnies is hard work.  They just won’t hold still and they bite when upset!   Oh wait… we were painting kids.  The rabbits were in the petting zoo.

I figured out a set-up for six painters and two brush washers using three standard rectangle convention tables which worked really well.  Made an H shape with them, sat mom on the top of the crossbar, Brandt her assistant was opposite her and worked his little butt off!  Then a painter at the top and bottom of each of the uprights, and one on each of the outer sides.

I set-up everyone with the same kit – paint (white, black, pink, brown and grey), squeeze bottle of water, some q-tips, metal hair clips, hand sanitizer, brushes, wipes.  Pretty minimal but we were only painting the one bunny design… over… and over… and over… There were white bunnies, grey bunnies, brown bunnies, black bunnies, brown bunnies with one grey ear, and many, many pink bunnies.

It worked well to have taped posters to the walls where they were lining up – the kids had had a chance to see and absorb that they could only get bunnies.  Also posted the “rules” – 3 years and older, no sick kids, have to be willing, etc.

The willing part was the biggest issue for the ones I got… there were about half a dozen that wanted nothing to do with me.  Might have been the bunny on my face, but… one kid who looked about 6 or so actually threw himself on the floor in front of me…?  Parents were a bit annoyed with the ones who decided they didn’t want to be painted… after waiting in line for an hour or so I would be too.

We only had to ask what colour bunny they wanted to be – and I think I had about five of them tell me “blue” which wasn’t an option.  Most then chose pink.

We all painted non-stop for five hours, park staff closed the doors to the room ten minutes before the end of the time which cut off the line, then we packed up.

The photographer that was there for the City made us all pose for a group shot which is cool – hopefully I get to see it.  He was around quite a bit taking photos of all of us painting, of the kids we were painting, making the brush washing crew pose, etc.  I’ll have to ask the event coordinator to make sure to let me see the photos.

It was cute watching the painted bunnies bouncing up and down in the bouncy house outside the window of the room we were in…


3 thoughts on “I survived the Bunny Apocalypse… I think. Ask me in the morning.

  1. Thanks for sharing that bunny. He/she made an appearance here in Australia today as well. A very cute design that everyone loved.

  2. That sounds so cute – I hope you get some pics to share with us. If they do it again next year, you should bring more colors…especially blue.

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