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The Bunny Apocalypse

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This is the design that my team of six painters will be doing all day tomorrow for the annual Easter Eggstravaganza.  They are expecting well over 1000 kids and specified ONE design only, all done the same way.  Everyone has been practicing.

I based this design on several that I’ve seen over the years… super easy, only brushes required, and no going over the eyes which is important on the little kids.  We need to be super fast with it and this should keep the lines moving.

One of the gals even let her 7-year-old son paint it on her (in exchange for practicing on him) and honestly, I would hire the kid if it was legal!  I’ll have to wait till he’s old enough but damn… he did a fantastic job.  When his mom showed me the photo of it this morning on her face I though she had done it.

Beside six painters I also have one dedicated brush washer and one brush washing assistant/go-fer.  So a total crew of eight.  And the weather has been nice and warm (well, here, to us, +5C is shorts and flip-flop weather) so people will come in droves for the egg hunt, face painting, cookie decorating, etc.  Kids under 12 are $5 each and get to do all the activities.  Oh, and the Easter Bunny will be there too.


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