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I am getting too old for this cr*p…


March is getting away on me.  I had all sorts of plans and good intentions of getting things done but today is the halfway point and I pretty much have most of my list still to get through.

I’ve also been made aware that I am a dinosaur.  That I need to get with the program – you know, that one where everything is done electronically/online/etc.?

I’ve had four clients/prospective clients in the last week or so that wanted to send their deposits to me via email.  I was clueless.  Had to ask my mom’s aide what that meant.  My limited understanding of it, now, is that is an email cheque that you then forward via YOUR internet banking to your account… I think.  Maybe?

I have always just accepted cheques (for deposits and from known clients) and cash from all others. I simply don’t trust the internet for financial or personal information.

I am a bit of a Luddite, I admit.  I like computers and have used them since PCs first hit the world of office administration (which was the early 1980s for those of you who don’t remember a time without them!) and I was/am an expert with several applications BUT the last 10 years things have seriously gone nuts.  Everything is done online… but I never jumped in.  I don’t bank online, I don’t give out personal information online, I don’t shop online, I refuse to use PayPal, etc… I only joined Facebook in 2011!

If I want to buy something mail order (that’s an old term – when you bought something that was mailed to you and you send payment to them by cheque or credit card) I use vendors that will accept a money order/cheque/international bank draft by mail, or accept my credit card over the phone, I will not input it online.  If they won’t I’ll shop somewhere else.

But… now that clients want to PAY me that way I guess I am going to have to look at setting up an account online to accept their money.

Another thing I’m too old for… physical work.  I started a new position at the day-job two weeks ago and I am a wreck.  It is all physical – only time I get to sit is on a break.  Lifting, carrying, leaning, stretching, bending, squatting, climbing, pulling, pushing, reaching… BUT… since I started working there in November I’ve lost a couple of sizes (had to buy new pants cause none of my old ones would stay up!) and am noticing a lot of tightening up and strength that I didn’t have before.  Which is a good thing, but my feet hurt horribly when I get home… I have to get new shoes every couple of months as they break down so fast.

After 9 hours at work I am exhausted and have no energy when I get home to tackle my list of things I NEED to get done!  I barely have the energy to make us dinner.  I really hope once I get “into shape” that I won’t be as tired every night.  On the plus side I am sleeping VERY soundly!

I have to deal with mom too when I am home which is also physically demanding.  And housework.  I am so grateful that  mom’s aide, Shelly, shovels the snow so I don’t have to try to deal with it when I get home!  She really is a great help.

Tonight mom and I are attending our first SCA event (Society for Creative Anachronism) I’ve always been interested and it turned out one of my local FB friends who was a client from last year, is involved and invited us to their monthly potluck.  So I’ve been seeing what we have that we can wear that will be appropriate and vaguely medieval.  And I’m making pork pasties to take – food is supposed to fit the medieval theme too.  Frozen tart shells filled with my own pulled pork – made them for us last week and they were really good.  I’m removing the pastry from the tins so they look handmade… a little cheat.


2 thoughts on “I am getting too old for this cr*p…

  1. Just get Square Up….for you Android or Iphone…..takes credit cards over the phone.

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