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Will you Vote for me?

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I entered a couple of my works into Kryolan’s TALENT contests and they are now up for voting.  I have one in the Body Art Category – my Steampunk Stormtrooper (a different photo is entered)


And my Blue Ice Fairy is in the Theatre Category – I had submitted it for Body Art but they put it in Theatre. (This is the photo that is entered.)


The body painting had to be posted on Pinterest as Facebook deleted photos due to nudity, so the voting locations are different:

For the Body Art – Steampunk Stormtrooper vote HERE

For the Theatre – Blue Ice Fairy vote HERE

Thanks!!  The contest is worldwide so the competition level is HIGH!

UPDATE:  Thanks to everyone who voted/liked I appreciate your support.  The winners have been announced and they weren’t my entries.  Congrats to the winners in all the categories.


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