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Had a Hair Raising day


Today we spent styling the cat wigs for CATS.  One of the other tech crew members, Marg, came over and the both of us spent five hours styling most of the wigs.  I still have a few to finish up.

I have to say I am happily surprised with how well they have cleaned up and styled.  When they were brought over they all looked the same with colour variations.  And many stank.  And the ears didn’t show.  I did a quick colour test on one to check the colour fastness and it appeared to hold so the other night I washed them all, then filled my downstairs bath with heads and wigs to dry.  My downstairs bath is like a dry sauna – there is a ceiling vent that blows hot air and can dry a wig completely in a couple of hours which is really handy when you wash wigs as often as I do.

Marg and I tidied up the ears, gluing the hair back onto the felt, trimmed them, gelled, moussed, sprayed, teased, combed, brushed and smoothed.  I also sewed in some brown hair onto Coriopat’s wig as the colours were not lined up right to match the costuming with his twin.

I think they look  pretty phenomenal!

Some of them show colours I didn’t know were in there, and once brushed and smoothed out there are actual patterns and markings in them.

Here are the finished results of our efforts today… a nice variety and assortment I think!

DSC08075 (647x800)

DSC08076 (658x800)

DSC08077 (689x800)

DSC08079 (672x800)

DSC08080 (688x800)

DSC08081 (710x800)

DSC08084 (800x727)

DSC08086 (581x800)

DSC08087 (768x800)

DSC08088 (800x692)

DSC08089 (793x800)

DSC08090 (800x648)

DSC08091 (766x800)

DSC08092 (711x800)

DSC08093 (729x800) DSC08094 (800x792)

DSC08095 (698x800)

DSC08096 (646x800)

DSC08097 (800x681) DSC08098 (725x800)

DSC08099 (800x679)

DSC08100 (787x800)

DSC08101 (798x800)

DSC08103 (790x800)

DSC08104 (737x800)

There are still a few missing from the set – I haven’t seen Rum Tum Tugger’s wig yet, McCavity’s isn’t colour fast so I am just spraying it down with vodka and doing a comb out, and Rumpus Cat’s is being constructed with special effects.  And there a couple of others as well under construction.

I probably will be tweaking the ears on some of them – once I get them on the actors’ heads I will pin the ears up to better angles.

Here’s what my studio looks like tonight.

DSC08109 (800x600)

DSC08108 (800x638) (2)

DSC08107 (600x800)

Now I have to get the make-up organized and packed up.  I am doing a shopping run tomorrow for sponges and other supplies, as well as picking up another shipment of make-up as I underestimated the amount needed – once I started doing the tests I realized I was using way more product than I thought I would.  And a few colours weren’t quite right so I ordered some better matches.

The director said he will pick everything up tomorrow to deliver to the theatre so I’ll need to get my chairs and the larger stuff ready for him in the morning.

I really am so excited for Saturday’s rehearsal – it will be the first time for costume, hair AND make-up!

I’ll be updating on the show next week with photos of the final results once it opens!


CATS opens at the Douglas J. Cardinal  Performing Arts Centre at Grande Prairie Regional Collage on February 7, 2013 and runs till February 23, 2013.  Matinees on February 10 & 17, 2013.  Tickets available from Grande Prairie Live Theatre at 780-538-1616 or Purchase On-Line.


2 thoughts on “Had a Hair Raising day

  1. Hi Shannon, I am Soooo impressed!!! Look forward to seeing the end results… It looks like lots of fun. Great job! Kind regards


    From London On. Canada


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