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My new blender arrived!

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I can be easily pleased.  My new blender arrived today.  I ordered it from Airmiles using my reward miles.

It is this model – Hamilton Beach Wave Maker Blender.  My main use for it is making smoothies.  I am enjoying one right now – a mango, banana, lime, peach, orange and grapefruit one.  The blender works great!  Has a “Smoothie” setting so I don’t have to pulse it or stir… the machine does it all!  My old Osterizer will be retired to the basement and used for other things.

I’ve been getting things from Airmiles instead of using the points for flying.  I got fed up with the damn milkruns they’d send me on… I mean, 35 hours to get to the UK???  17 hours to get to San Francisco?  It was ridiculous and after paying all the fees and taxes, it would only have cost a couple hundred more to actually buy a ticket that would get me there in the shortest possible time!  So last January I decided to start ordering things…

So far I have ordered a panini press, a convection oven, a video camera, a label maker and this blender.  I use the panini press and the convection oven a lot.  Chicken is wonderful cooked in that oven.  I haven’t even taken the video camera out of the box yet (and the box was water damaged by our current leak!)

I am really happy with the appliances I have got from Airmiles – completely free, no shipping charges or anything.  And they arrive promptly too.

Oh… and an update on my toe… the bruising has faded, it is still swollen but less so and it is hurting more now as I walk – I think because as it is less swollen it is therefore moving more and flexing.


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