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Tired but happy

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Today I spent body painting.  Started at 8 a.m. finished painting around 4 p.m. then headed off to the location and spent another two hours doing a shoot.  Photographers sure pack a lot of stuff.

We’ve been planning this for months and now it is all done.  I am thrilled with how it all turned out!

First, here is my concept drawing for my “Steampunk Cyborg Biological”


And here are the shots I took in my studio before we left for the location:






And here are some I took at the location.  First one is Dee putting on her shoes once Chris was ready to shoot… we were in the bays at the Forestry yard.






These are just the photos I took with my little Sony Cyber-shot – no editing except for cropping and sizing (and watermarking!)  I can’t wait to see what Chris does with the hundreds he took!!

Now for the technical stuff for painters… I used all metallics for the gears – Wolfe silver and gold, Cameleon copper and gold, Kryolan Metallic copper and Interferenz copper and bronze, Fardel Cream White (until I ran out then I used Wolfe on the legs which I am not thrilled with, but it will be fixed in the final shots) for the robot and Tim Gratton Body Paint in black for everything else.  Not happy with Cameleon – this was the first time I’ve used it and it flaked off in large flakes once it was completely dry, both colours.  The Wolfe silver did the same but not to the same extent.  The Interferenz was gorgeous as always and stayed nice and smooth.

The robot side was one Pro-Shield nipple cover and steampunk side was one BodyFX robo-boob cover which I painted as I worked.  I ran out of Pros-aide (I went to use it and it was all dried up!)  so used spirit gum to apply both – worked excellently, but I had to use a bit of latex to seal the edges of the Pro-Shield down.



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