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Just a teaser!

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Today I spent doing make-up tests for CATS.  It was orange  based designs today… calico cats mostly with a marmalade or two, maybe.

The director has an embargo on posting anything that gives away the costumes/make-up!  If you want to see it buy a ticket!

Don’t worry though, once the show opens I will be posting photos of everything!

DSC07895 (800x600) DSC07875 (800x600) DSC07892 (800x449) DSC07893 (781x800) DSC07894 (800x600)

Oh damn… here are some bits of the make-up… I just can’t resist completely sharing some of it!

Mungo Rumple(800x600)


Skimbleshanks (668x800) Mungojerrie (669x800) Demeter (698x800) Bombalurina (721x800)Jennyanydots (776x800)



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