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Ow ow ow ow… OW!

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I have a history of smashing things on my body up pretty badly, below the knee particularly.

Both my ankles have been rebuilt – tore all the ligaments in my left ankle in high school gym class, surgery to reattach them.  Shattered the right ankle opening night of Charlotte’s Web – surgery, 7″ plate and 7 screws now hold it together.

Have/had Osgood-Schlatter disease in my right knee and now osteoarthritis.  Left knee is iffy too.

And… I have had my feet smashed and crushed many times by our horses as I wore thongs out to the barn in the summer and they liked to step on my toes.  Both little toes were broken repeatedly.  I also had a tendency to smash my feet into walls and corners as I walked by them.

Last night I had a relapse – as I was walking from the kitchen to the living room I smashed my bare left foot into the wooden claw-foot of an armchair… OMFG… the pain was intense.  I hit my little toe, HARD.  I was carrying a large water-glass and there was no way I was going to spill it so I kinda did this hopping dance, while yelling in pain, and tearing up.  I managed to set the glass down but couldn’t feel my foot at all.

It took about 10 minutes until I could manage to wiggle any toes.  And several hours until I could move the baby toe at all.  I still can’t bend the baby toe.

I was worried about work as I am on my feet my entire day, but luckily my shoes did not put any pressure on my toe and walking was fine.  I just have to be really REALLY careful not to put any pressure on the toe.

As I do like to take photos of bruises… here is a photo essay of “Shannon’s Left Toe” starting at 4 hours post-impact and ending with 24 hours post-impact.

Toe 4 hours

Toe 5 hours 1

Toe 5 hours 2

Toe 12 hours 1

Toe 12 hours 2
Toe 24 hours 2

Toe 24 hours 1


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