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Monday …. blah


Mondays never really bothered me… but today I am meeting with the insurance claim adjuster on my lunch break to do some paperwork.

[sigh]… and dealing with starting the tear out and repairs.

I have to finalize my schedule for my CATS make-up tests for each character, finalize my crew and get their names in for the program, and get some sketches roughed out.  The director is going to bring over all the hairpieces for me as we will do the make-up to align with the colouring.  Then I will take photos which is what the crew will used during the run.

I also need to tidy up the hairpieces as they need to have the ears tied back up – they were all packed into boxes and got flattened so need a little TLC.

I have a full body painting scheduled for Sunday – need to finalize my drawings for that (as well as clean up my studio which is full of kit from the last show needing cleaning and all my Christmas stuff to put away.)

I took the tree and decorations down on Saturday while the roof was being cleared… well, I actually got most of them packed up while the roofers were sitting out in their truck smoking, but I digress.  I boxed it all up and took it downstairs but still need to put it all in my steamer trunk under the stairs.

And my bamboo floors need a proper cleaning… it takes a lot of elbow grease.  The planks are finished on the top surface, but not the sides, and it is not sealed so I can’t use a liquid cleaner directly one the floor.  Last time I used a microfibre pad that I dampened with vinegar and basically rubbed along the boards with a lot of pressure, back and forth, over and over, then hand scrubbed areas where there was “stuff” to remove.  Took hours – my entire main floor is bamboo.  I have entertained the idea of tackling this sometime this week…

And… why does the Holiday Yule Log still have its own channel?  It is January 7th for crying out loud!

And… I think I will start posting on alternating days… not sure if I could keep up daily posts!  I might have to resort to telling you about what I ate for breakfast and what I saw on the telly.  Is that a parrot?


2 thoughts on “Monday …. blah

  1. Shannon, you ask why the holiday Yule log still has it’s own channel? Because it’s still Christmas. Christmas starts on December 25th – the 12 days of Christmas (as the song), brings you to Epiphany (last Sunday), where the kings arrive in Bethlehem with their gifts. Then this coming Sunday is the Baptism of Christ -when the Christmas season ends. I guess your TV people are respecting the Christian Christmas & not the secular/commercial one. I think that’s awesome! By the way, Merry Christmas! 🙂

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