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The curse of the snow

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Those of you who do not live where snow accumulates over the winter have no idea of the hell that can ensue.

Two years ago we had to deal with MONTHS of repairs due to ice dams.  Now we are having a repeat performance – luckily not as bad, but… still HELL!

Friday the insurance claims adjuster, the restoration company rep and the roofing company met here in the morning to check the damages and come up with a plan.

The restoration company tore up my baseboards and put a fan in the room to dry it out.  They apparently detected moisture along the baseboard on the outside wall and the interior wall between the office and my bedroom closet, as well as the ceiling and attic.

The roofing company sent over a two man crew Saturday morning  to clear the snow off the roof before any repairs could be started.  Apparently the snow was covering and blocking the vents – which in past years I paid a roofing company to extend!  Obviously the snow pack is higher than the vents.  I’m going to get all the vents extended now – at least two feet above the roof!

Here are photos of the process so far…

First – Friday morning.  I had two buckets going as the strip of drywall tape had come off the ceiling so there were now two drips.

Two buckets

After the restoration company had a look – fan in the room and my baseboards laying across the back:

Work starts

Drying fan

Next, the roofers were clearing the roof and I opened the front door to have a look – you can see the snow falling in this shot!

Out the front door

These shots are of the deck… the pile of snow now huge from the extra dumped from the roof, the roof looking cleared and a shot from the office window …

deck pile

Piled on deck

Roof clear


And when they left this is how it all looked:

cleared deck


clear roof

Now the restoration company will do the tear out – rip out my ceiling, wall and dry things out.  Then the roofing company will deal with the repairs needed to stop the cause which I pay for, then the insurance company pays to repair the damages and make things the way they were.

The adjuster is meeting me on my lunch break on Monday at work to sign forms, etc.

I’m getting to be a real expert on the process.  Really wish I wasn’t.


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