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Working designs


I know I’ve told you before… I paint myself for pretty much EVERY job where I am face painting.  It gives people an idea of what I can paint, that it is suitable for adults, and gets me a good parking spot.

These two are from Christmas parties I did last month… photos were taken after I got home and changed.  Sometimes I forget to take photos before I wash off the make-up… I did that a few times so didn’t get photos of all this Christmas season’s paintings.

These are both fast designs with minimal fussing – just slapped them on so I was painted.   My eyes are going and it is REALLY hard to see things close-up now, so I am not spending time on details or eyeliner anymore.  Just too hard to do without magnifying glasses and I can’t wear them to paint my face!



This I did for the End of the World Party – simple eye design that appeals to adult women.  I do LOTS of this sort of thing in different animal prints. Super quick and easy.



3 thoughts on “Working designs

  1. I’m right there with you about seeing up close! I have a friend (about 20 years younger), and she always has the greatest designs on her face… designs I can do but not on my own face! I wish I would have gotten into face painting at a younger age! I agree that painting your own face is almost a “must” at gigs but I sweat from the head & it doesn’t take long before my face is streaked! The weird thing is I forget I’m painted – eventually someone tells me, “Lady, your face is all messed up!” Not to mention wrinkles… horrible little things! 🙂

    • Yeah… that happened to me for the first time this past summer… had wipe off my forehead which then made the kids ask what was I supposed to be. I wasn’t expecting it to be so hot out!

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