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The Christmas Show

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The Christmas show at Grande Prairie Live Theatre for 2012 was “Garlic Phantom of the Grande Ole Opry”… a very short (as in an hour-long WITH intermission) family friendly show about vampires and country singers.  It ran from Boxing Day to December 30th, 2012.

There was a family of vampires who were trying to take over the Phantom’s theatre, the Phantom, Dizzy Chicks, Dolly Pardon-Me?, and Edward and Bella, amongst other characters.

It wasn’t a pantomime.

The make-up on the vampires was face painting – teeth were painted on.  The budget was small, and plastic teeth weren’t feasible as the actors couldn’t talk, so we went with painting them on.  Which worked.  Very basic vampires…  here is a family photo:


Dolly Pardon-Me? had a big blonde wig… and a couple of other big things.  The wig is a Goldilocks wig with an additional piece clipped on top for the bangs and volume – they matched colour exactly!


Would you believe those are her OWN lashes??


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