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I’m going to start the year off right, blog-wise

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Start as you mean to go on, they say.  So, to start off I will post lots of photos from the last couple months over the next couple of days!

I just spent most of the day working on two computers simultaneously editing photos and updating my website, posting some new images to my Facebook page, and now, here on the blog.

I did spend some time doing laundry, tidying up Christmas stuff, cooking and drip-proofing my office as the water stains are creeping across the ceiling.

Back in November I did a demonstration workshop for the local school districts’ teachers at one of their Professional Development days.  I demonstrated a lot of make-up techniques for them including out-of-kit effects – this black eye and the “grab” bruising are from that demo.



These effects take seconds to do.  Seriously.  If the black eye takes me a minute I would be surprised.  The grab bruise is so simple  – I take a sponge and swipe my fingers with a touch of blue and burgundy make-up, just a bare touch of it, then I grab the model’s arm placing my fingers where the bruise needs to be, then I use a clean sponge to buff the spots of make-up that were left when I removed my fingers.  I really like the effect.

For hygienic purposed you CAN do this wearing gloves, just make sure that the fingers are well fitted.

Tomorrow, photos from the End of the World!


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