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Happy New Year!

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Well, I’m just a barrel of fun.

It is 10:22 p.m. December 31, 2012… and here I am blogging, watching The Princess Bride on television, drinking and eating leftovers from Christmas dinner.

Put mom to bed at 9 so I’m alone… with her snoring in the background (as usual.)

I managed to get in touch with the company that did our roof repairs two years ago and the insurance company this afternoon.  Last night the water started to come through the ceiling in my office and the “repairs” are hanging off – luckily the water seems to be following the path of least resistance and is dripping off the lowest part of the hanging stuff so I was able to place a bucket under the drips…

Here is what the ceiling looks like





I cleared everything away from the walls and took down the things on the wall.   The insurance company said we may not hear from the adjuster until the 3rd, and the roofer wants me to email him details.

It got up to +2C today and the wind is gusting to 80 kph.  Considering we were one of the coldest cities on the planet just five days ago that is pretty impressive.  But the warming up is why the water is dripping through my ceiling.

2013 is not staring all that well here [sigh]…


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