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Year end wrap-up for 2012

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Well that’s another year shot to heck and while it had some high points it really wasn’t our best year ever.  As a matter of fact some of it sucked, but we survived and hopefully things will get better in 2013.

So let’s review the major items…


Did the make-up for Snow White at Grande Prairie Live Theatre which was fun.

Painted at the Zombie Apocalypse at the College.


Face painted at a stagette at a local club.  I really enjoy painting adults as they let me get creative.


My Kermit face painting won first place in the Sesame Street Snazaroo contest.

Face painted at a 30th birthday party – it was popular and I ended up staying an hour extra.

Traded in my 2007 RAV4 for a 2012.  Took months to get rid of that new car smell… it was awful.

Face painted at the Timbits Jamboree (soccer tournament.)


Friend Lynne McKay from Scotland via Ibiza came for a visit and we took her on an overnight road trip to Jasper National Park where we saw live wild wolves up close and personal.

Painted at the Shark Club for St. Patrick’s Day with Lynne.


Painted at the grand opening of the new Grande Prairie location of Woody’s RV World.

Did the make-up for The Real Inspector Hound at GPLT.


Painted at the annual Easter Eggstravaganza at Muskoseepi Park.

Won a Facebook face painting contest “Lawn Furniture of the Cities of the World” on the Face Painting Theme of the Week page


Painted at the annual Swan Festival at Saskatoon Island Provincial Park.

Took mom to see Sir Elton John at the Crystal Centre in Grande Prairie!  Just 10 blocks down the road from our house!  Here is a photo of us at the concert!


Did the make-up for Paint Your Wagon at GPLT.

Finally got the wrap installed on my new RAV4 – exactly the same as the previous wrap (why mess with success?)


Painted at the Enerflex MS Walk.

Painted at the Shark Club for Cinco de Mayo.

Painted at Tervita’s Rodeo Lunch (the company bought Kelly Sutherland’s chuckwagon tarp for the season.)

Did make-up for a friend’s annual birthday pub crawl – this year was Pirates!


Finally planted in the Viking grave in the backyard.  Wildflowers and weeds.


Painted at the Wembley Community Day.

Painted at the Westlake Village Block Party.

Painted at the annual Baron Oilfield Golf Tournament.

Had to reduce my availability over the summer – could only take jobs where mom could come with me.


Painted up a group for GPLT for their Canada Day Parade float.

Washing machine dies… had to buy a new one and had no choice but to get a high-efficiency one.  I am NOT a fan.  At least I could still get a top-loader with an agitator.


Painted at Grizfest in Tumbler Ridge the August long weekend as usual.

Owner of the company where I worked for my day-job died from cancer.

Did age make-up using tattoo inks for  a hi-def movie shoot.  Worked really well.

Did horror make-up for a photo shoot.

Painted at the Hythe & District Agricultural Fair as usual.


Mom’s aide gives us 11 days notice.  We hire a new one who works two days then is a no-show – never heard from her again.  Hired another, who was great.

Painted at the Wembley Demolition Derby.

Mom got a bad cold that turned into a chest infection – ends up on antibiotics for almost two months.

Did demonstration body and face painting at the Art Gallery of Grande Prairie’s grand re-opening.

One of my body paintings and another photo of me are featured in a body painting calendar.

Calendar Cover


Painted fairies at the GPRC President’s Ball which was themed – A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Oct 20 1012 Presidents Ball

Painted at a private masquerade house party with a Tudor/Renaissance theme – great fun!

We (the staff) found out that the heirs of the late owner of the company I worked for my day-job were planning to shut down the office – they were not planning to tell us until the last minute.

Did the make-up for a Haunted House at the park.

Halloween was booked solid and a great success with one of my customers winning Best Costume at the Shark Club.


Sent out dozens of resumes and attended several job interviews.  Last day at old day-job on 30th.


Mom’s latest aide had a medical appointment first thing on the 1st – was supposed to come to work after but calls later that evening to say she won’t be back for medical reasons.

Hired a another new aide who started on the 13th. (She’s still here and is wonderful!)

Painted for the Festival of Trees.

Did a full-day demonstration/workshop for local school district teachers at one of their professional development days.

Started a new day job.

Attended a CATS rehearsal to do make-up tests.

Christmas party bookings start – first one was on the 7th.


Painted at several more corporate Christmas parties.

Painted at Spurs’ (a local club) End of the World Party on Dec 21st.

My Evil Jester face paint from Halloween 2011 came second in the Snazaroo Halloween 2012 Free-for-All.

Did make-up for the Christmas show at GPLT,

Discovered a leak in the ceiling in my office on Christmas Eve – where the repairs were done two years ago… Dec 28th was the date we finally paid off the repairs/renovations done two years ago.  Now we’ll be in the hole again … owning a house is expensive.

Had two sets of guests cancel for Christmas dinner due to illness and weather/road conditions.  It was -36C on Christmas Day, -39C on Boxing Day.


As well there were lots of birthday parties and private appointments.  I am getting a lot of adults booking appointments to get masks painted for parties and other occasions.

It was a good year for the “adult” bookings – adult parties, clubs, galas, photography, demonstrations, etc.  Which I really enjoy as well as being full-rate jobs.  I also picked up a few new “annual” events that have booked for next year as well.  Many bookings are now multi-painter so I recruited some new assistants from my old day-job who are really good and quite happy to paint with me when needed.

Throughout 2012 I ran monthly excerpts from my e-book “The Business of Face Painting” and we are offering it for a special price if ordered before midnight December 31, 2012!  So you have a bit of time left if you would like to take advantage of the special offer.

Mom is not improving but holding her own.  She’s in pain pretty consistently and sleeps a lot.  I’ve been very busy the last couple months but she’s come with me to the multi-painter jobs to be our “brush washer”.   Our full-time aide and casual aide are both great.

I joke about getting old myself, but have to say that the latter part of this year has made it clear it is no longer just a joke. Feet hurt, legs hurt, back hurts, hands hurt… and that’s on a good day.

Two more sleeps and it will be 2013… and I plan to spend New Year’s Day putting away decorations, cleaning and hopefully getting some charts done.

I’ve got a busy couple of months ahead – CATS opens the first week of February and I have to do make-up tests and photos for each character, train the make-up crew as we are using different products than they are used to, and have a full body painting/photo shoot scheduled, plus the usual gigs and bookings.

I wish you well in 2013!  May it be healthy, happy and profitable for you all.


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