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Crazy time at the old homestead

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I honestly have no idea where the time has gone… Christmas is on Tuesday and I still haven’t finished the baking for my Sister and BIL or shipped their presents.  They may be getting it late as I have no time!

I’m working full-time at the day job and then also this week I’ve had six days out of seven booked (largest corporate Christmas party on Sunday, meeting with the director of the Pantomime on Monday, CATS costume parade on Tuesday, gig painting animals for a nativity on Wednesday, gig at a club for their End of the World Party on Friday, and dress rehearsal for the Pantomime on Saturday…)  My last several weekends were booked with Christmas parties.

I have Sunday to get the house cleaned and ready for Christmas, start on dinner prep, make dessert, hopefully finish baking the cookies (and mom needs more muffins!) etc. as I have to work 8-5 on Christmas Eve so won’t have a lot of time to do anything then.  Then Boxing Day there are two performances of the Panto, then every night next week finishing with a matinée on the 30th.  I have no days off from the day job so will be going flat-out.  New Year’s Day will be my first downtime in a while.

I took photos of the CATS costumes but there is an embargo on publishing them until the show opens.  They are AMAZING!!!  I can’t wait until I get the charts done and do the test make-ups for each character.

The Panto is The Grande Ole Phantom of the Opry… there are vampires (traditional and sparkly), the Phantom, a Dolly Parton character, etc.

The turkey I’m cooking is about 9 kilos… so I have to get it in the oven around 6 a.m. (we like it REALLY well cooked.)  Company usually arrives around 3 and we eat as soon as it is ready.

I’ll take some photos at the rehearsal and maybe tomorrow at the end of the world party, and if the world doesn’t end I’ll try to take a few minutes to post them!




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