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Mom and I went out today – went to see Expendables 2 and then went to Swiss Chalet for dinner.

Swiss Chalet just opened at the end of last month and apparently it has been very difficult to get in – they are short-staffed beyond reason.  People were waiting for hours, take out orders were not being taken, etc.

As we have never been to Swiss Chalet we went over after the movie around 4:20 p.m.  There was a line already.  The hostess told us there was a 15 minute wait so I put  my name down.

Thing was… one whole side of the restaurant was empty and the other side wasn’t full… yet the foyer was full of people waiting?????

Anyway, they shortly opened up the empty side and started seating people.

So… food:  Chicken was good but mine is better at home in my convection oven.  The ribs were adequate but Tony Roma’s are MILES better.  And that “chalet sauce” is bloody awful, mom didn’t mind it but I couldn’t even swallow it.

So, we’ve tried it.  No need to go again.

Oh… and the body count on the Expendables 2?  I think it was about 200 in the first five minutes… and they all exploded to bits.  Guess that was what the warning “gory violence” meant?


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