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Body Painting Calendar Fundraiser


I’ve been honoured in having my work included in this  Body Painting Calendar that has been created as a fundraiser for Brian Wolfe in his fight against Pancreatic Cancer.

The fourth image from the left across the bottom is my work.  I did this painting for the Canadian Cancer Society’s Relay for Life several years ago.  The model, Robyn, is a cancer survivor herself which I thought was very appropriate for this project.

The calendar is available from and pre-orders will start to be accepted as of this Sunday, September 23rd.

As it is being produced in the UK the cost is 10 GBP plus 2 GBP for postage.  It is a stunning collection of body painting works from around the world and would make a great Christmas gift for anyone interested in the art form!  And 8 GBP of EVERY purchase goes directly to Brian and his family.  What could be a better gift for everyone?


4 thoughts on “Body Painting Calendar Fundraiser

  1. will they be available in the US?

    • They are available from the link in the post. They will ship worldwide – it is the work from artists around the world included. They may make arrangements with distributors but that is something Coloursfx will have to answer.

  2. Congratulations Shannon, on your work in the Body Painting Calendar for Brian Wolfe! What an honor. 🙂

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