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Elegant for adults

I love painting adults!

I paint at a local night club several times a year – they hire me to paint the staff for theme nights –  and I really enjoy it!  I also do galas and stagettes – generally painting mask and eye-designs on the women.  Men are more hesitant but after a few drinks usually go for moustaches or aviator shades.

I have also painted at adult birthday parties which are hugely fun!  The guys at these parties usually jump right in and get the designs they didn’t get as kids.  I’ve painted 30 somethings as Optimus Prime and the Joker and they love it.  Bald guys are fun too and usually willing to go with off the wall stuff like giant spiders eating their brains.

It is actually quite liberating to paint willing adults.  They usually let me be creative and aren’t specific in what they want.  I get to match clothing or jewelry or they want specific colours or a vague description of an animal print or pattern they like.  Many just tell me to paint what I would like.

Adults are more patient, sit still, and follow instructions – such a nice change from painting a never-ending line of spideys and butterflies hour after hour (not that there is anything wrong with that!)

Here are two photos of the same painting – we changed the hair between shots.  This was for a mask contest a few years back on my favourite model Naomi.

I love painting her!

This type of design is very very popular with adult women – pretty, elegant, striking and looks great on anyone.

And here are a couple of plays on the same theme – a red, black and gold butterfly.  More intricate than I would do on a typical face painting job, but nice to do on adults and older teens.

If you get the opportunity to paint at adult parties and events, take it!