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Random bits and news

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Thought I would share some photos of my wildflower bed.  We just randomly scattered about a dozen packages of mystery seeds we had lying around.

It has turned out quite well given I haven’t been too diligent about watering…

I was surprised by the poppies and love them!  I am hoping they self seed and they are hardy enough to survive the winter.

I face paint at Grizfest in Tumbler Ridge, BC every August long weekend and I always buy one of their t-shirts as they have the coolest logo designs – here is a sample of my collection.

The last one, the pink one, is this year’s.

AND FOR MY NEWS:  I have been hired by The Art Gallery of Grande Prairie to do demonstration face and body painting at their Grand Opening on September 29th.  I will be painting live for an audience from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.  I will be doing a variety of painting on anywhere from 6 to 12 models from fantasy face painting to full prosthetic character creation to partial body painting.  I am very excited about this great opportunity!  I will also have two of my crew face painting for the public at the event while I am doing the demonstrations.

If you are in the Grande Prairie area be sure to stop by!  The finished models will be roaming and available for photos.


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