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Not a lot of motivation lately

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August has been flying by and I haven’t been all that inspired to sit down and blog.

We face painted at Grizfest in Tumbler Ridge on the long weekend.  HOT HOT HOT… usually we experience all four seasons over the weekend but this year there was no rain, and it was scorching hot.  And for the first time ever… NO MOSQUITOS!  We were prepared with four methods of repelling them but didn’t need them – I had the OFF lanterns (the candle type), the OFF clip-on fan repellers, Deep Woods OFF wipes, and Muskol spray pump repellant.

We leave home Saturday morning for the three-hour drive there, stay two nights and drive home Monday morning.  On Friday around dinner time mom’s aide (who was scheduled to work – meaning she was to come with us to take care of mom’s needs while I was working) called to say she couldn’t come. Ack!  So I asked mom if she wanted me to call our casual aide to see if she could come with us on short notice – mom said no, we could manage.  It was a little more “stressful” but mom held it right through the six-hour shifts of painting and then until we could get to a proper handicapped washroom, NOT the porta-potties.  Have you EVER used a porta-potty after it has been sitting there for three days at around 30C??? No?  Well… if you ever get a chance… DON’T!!

This year I was being sponsored by Capital Power (I am part of the “kids area” officially but generally not within the physical area – Capital Power was sponsoring the Kids area I believe) so painting is free for kids under 12 years.  Saturday we were slammed as usual – Fred Penner was on the schedule this year.  Saturday is the family friendly day and it always the busiest for us.  Sunday is steady busy but the lines don’t get as long.

The music line-up usually includes several “old” groups that I remember from MY youth or younger days – like Loverboy, Trooper, Chilliwack, Harlequin… The Stampeders were there this year.  We only recognized one song the whole weekend (we only stay until we finish up so we don’t usually hear the headliners…) which was Big City Woman.

The Stampeders were a lot older than I thought – I didn’t realize they’d been together since the 1960’s.  They left their breakfast table in the hotel a complete mess… disgusting…. BOTH mornings (we are put up in the same hotel) food just dropped all over the table, the floor, crumbs everywhere… dropped empty creamers and stir sticks  all over the counters instead of in the trash pail, so we had to try to get our food and coffee around their mess.   I asked the desk clerk, who was doing double duty trying to keep the breakfast area stocked and clean, and deal with the desk and check-outs, if they trashed their rooms too…. he laughed but didn’t actually answer me.

Carly Rae Jepson was there Saturday night and by all reports disappointed pretty much everyone.  Apparently she was late, only did a 30 minute set, did NOT do the booth for autographs and photos which all the performers do and generally wasn’t all that impressive.  One person commented that maybe she shouldn’t tour until she learns a few more songs.  The tweenies were so excited about her on Saturday but on Sunday were pretty down on her.  There were some prize winners that got to go back stage to “hang” with her – she didn’t even sign things for them in person… apparently pre-signed t-shirts that were given to them.  This is a small festival and making nice with the fans is how you build a loyal fan base – maybe her management should look into that.

This Sunday I’m painting out at the Hythe & District Agricultural Fair which is one of my regular annual gigs.  I’ll be painting from 11:30 till 3:30.  It usually a pretty busy event – steady line but the event wraps up on a timely manner and the line naturally ends itself.

I got a call last night from someone from a town the opposite direction who needed someone for their fair THIS Saturday – apparently they had someone booked who, she told me, had double booked themselves so they were now scrambling to find someone.  I’ve already got a session booked so wasn’t available – I’m not generally available on less than two-weeks notice for anything due to having to make arrangements for care for mom and the fact that I book well in advance as a general rule.  She said she’d keep my number for next year (she had it from when I did a gala out there last November.)

Brushstrokes Magazine is posting a new issue as we speak – I’ve got two step-by-steps in this issue.  I’m one of the editors now so will be providing material for each issue. Here’s a teaser…


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