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Supporting a fellow artist

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If you are a member of the face and body painting community you probably have already heard of Brian Wolfe’s fight against stage 4 pancreatic cancer.

Brian, and his twin Nick, have had a massive influence on the face and body painting industry.  I know that I personally learned a lot from them.

The first time I met them in person was at the 2004 FABAIC in San Francisco.  I volunteered to be painted in their morning class (I think this was Brian – they are identical so please forgive me if I am wrong!)

He went with a green and purple Wookie to match my hair.

Their style of painting which they have shared around the world, in industry publications, and in their many books and tutorials has helped all of us be better artists.

My own painting took a leap, particularly with skulls and wolves… once you see a Wolfe version you can’t help but improve.

Painted AFTER I saw the Wolfe Brother’s work

Their books are wonderful references and inspiration for any level of face painter.  I reviewed some of them in the past – you can read those if you like Extreme Face Painting and Wolfe Bros. Cheat Book series.

Their showpeices at the conventions always knock my socks off and both of them really GIVE freely of their time and talent.

If you are in this industry you know that we are self-employed … and that means no health benefits or insurance in a lot of cases.  Brian is undergoing intensive treatments and his wife and daughter, and brother, are by his side.  The costs to fight cancer are expensive, and there is also the loss of income while that fight is going on.  Being an American universal health care isn’t available to him as it is for us in Canada, the UK and other civilized countries.

This industry is a close-knit one and many have stepped up to raise funds to help Brian and his family through various means.  Pages have been set-up to make donations, fundraisers are being organized like paint-a-thons and calendars, retailers are donating portions of sales, etc.

One fundraiser that I am supporting is a Fundraiser for Brian Wolfe being organized by Gary Cole at Snazaroo USA Inc.

Gary has organized a contest with a massive prize pool donated by the major face painting companies, artists and retailers.  So far the prizes include: $500 worth of Snazaroo products, $500 worth of Kryolan products, $500 worth of Amerikan Body Art products, classes from Pashur, Christina Davison, Glyn Goodwin, and much, much more!  The total prize pool is just under $5000 with more being added daily.

Entry fees are what will be raising the funds of which 100% will be sent direction to Brian.  $50 per photo, and you can enter any photo, even one that you’ve already entered in a contest at some point, and also as many as you want.  It is wide open to theme, part of the body but must be PG13 (so body painting photos could be cropped to enter if you wanted to enter them.)  Check out the link above for all the specific details.

This contest lets you donate directly to Brian with the opportunity to win cool stuff too.

Entries will be accepted starting Monday, July 23.  Check for more details at Fundraiser for Brian Wolfe

Other ways you can support Brian:

Brian Wolfe’s Fight for Life (GoFundMe – for donations)

Brian Wolfe’s Fight for Life (Facebook page) if you would like to donate via Paypal

Paint-A-Thon for Brian Wolfe on July 23 FABATV/Silly Farm

Calendar Project being organized by Angela Hutchinson/ColoursFXBodyArt

And there are many others doing what they can to support Brian as well in whatever way they are able.

Send out those positive thoughts, vibes, or prayers – lets make sure the universe knows Brian has our support.

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Multidisciplinary artist, world traveller, make-up artist, and cheese lover. I follow a low carb lifestyle to keep my diabetes in remission. Canadian expat in the UK.

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