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All that glitters… is glitter tattoos

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Glitter tattoos are great to do when it is too hot for face painting.  If the temperature is going to be over 26C I will propose to my customers that I do glitter tattoos instead.  Face painting in the heat is not comfortable as it sweats off, isn’t waterproof if the kids want to splash in the pool and the make-up gets hard to work with as it will start to melt in the palette.

Around here it doesn’t get that hot that often… but this year, well, this is week three of near 30C temps.  YUCK!  I hate the heat, really… I react badly to being exposed to direct sunlight – I blister all over my hands and get raised rashes and that isn’t even being sunburned.

Most years we get one really hot weekend in late July, but the heat started in June this year.  Extreme heat and thunderstorms.  We had a doozy of a thunderstorm on Tuesday right when I was leaving work… blinding rain, hail, winds… power outages, trees and telephone poles blown down, garden decimated, sheds shattered and lakes on roads.  My flowers were battered and my Musk Mallow got broken.

Any hoo… back to the glitter tattoos.

I have a massive selection of tattoo stencils and dozens of colours of glitter… I can pretty much cover any theme people may have, from princesses to Star Trek, from geckos to dragons, from ladybugs to tigers.

On July 7th I did a glitter tattoo on my hand to use as a sample at a birthday party I was doing on the 8th.  I had emailed the mom to suggest that I bring along the tattoos as the forecast was for 31C so I wanted to be wearing a sample.

This is the tattoo the night I did it.

I got a little wonky on the distribution of colour but pretty nonetheless.

This next one is on day eight (8)… I lost the antenna as I wore gardening gloves to mow the lawn and rubbed them off and thinned out the glitter on the wings.

This next one is day twelve (12)… a little worn, but still a sparkly butterfly!

And this is today…

I’m leaving it on till the weekend to see how long it will actually last.  I usually tell people they will last a week with care so this is great to actually see how long I can manage to keep it looking like a butterfly.  Every other time I’ve applied one I ended up damaging it and removing it before I had a chance to test longevity.

In my opinion, the best place to get stencils for glitter tattoos is Not Quite Tattoos which is my friend Linda Adams.  She is amazingly fast at shipping orders, does incredibly quick custom orders and comes up with wonderful original designs.

She made me tractors, grizzlies, elk and moose tattoos!  And hockey… can’t forget the hockey.

These are some of Linda’s samples from her site:

Aren’t they SPECTACULAR?

If you are looking for tattoo stencils be sure to go check out Linda’s website – she has all her stencils shown there for you to look over:  Not Quite Tattoos (tell her I sent you!)


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