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Did your mother ever throw out your favourite shirt?

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When I was a young teen, around 14 I think, I had this great flannel shirt.  It was turquoise and yellow plaid and really soft.  I wore it a lot.  I wore it until it started to fray, then I started wearing it to do farm chores.  Then when the holes were a bit too big  and too frayed to repair yet again, I started wearing it as a night-shirt and slept in it.

I loved that shirt.

Then, one day, I couldn’t find it.  I asked mom where it was and… she… said… she… threw… it… out.

Claims to this day that  it came out of the dryer in pieces.  I’ve never forgiven her.

Then there was the case of the comfy shoes.  Around the same time I had a pair of suede lace up shoes with crepe soles.  They were common back then and I wore them to school for quite some time, then they got really scruffy, so they became weekend shoes, and I wore them around the farm in good weather.  The sole on one was flapping off a little on the toe but it was still attached to the shoe.

One day I came home from school and discovered my comfy, broken in, slightly worn out shoes sitting on the porch… covered in black gunk.  I yelled… WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY SHOES??????

Mom had worn them to tar the barn roof.  I’ve never forgiven her.

Now… she keeps telling me to throw out my favourite pyjama bottoms, my lightweight summer capri-style bottoms.  They are cool, comfy and have built-in air conditioning.

Just like before she wants to throw out my favourite clothes.

Now… you tell me… would you throw out something THIS comfortable???

Good thing mom can’t get her hands on them!!


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