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Local gang terrorizes neighbourhood


This group has started hanging out on our street… they move from one yard to the next, then back again.

Advance party scouting out our front yard… took this photo from the safety of my living room through the bay window.

Another group doing reconnaissance in the backyard (that’s our Viking grave in the background – I planted about 8 packages of mystery flower seeds in it this year and am hoping for some perennials!) I took this photo through my office window.

Someone gave the signal to move out and off they went…

These are Bonaparte’s Gulls (after Charles Lucien Bonaparte NOT Napoleon) and they are feeding on insects and worms… we have a LOT of insects this year.  Mosquitos are horrid.

I witnessed them yanking huge worms out of my yard too.  They could have left them and just eaten all the other annoying things… like the million and two ant hills full  of ants in our yard.

Anyone have a spare anteater?  And… how do they like the cold?


2 thoughts on “Local gang terrorizes neighbourhood

  1. I had a momentary though of the movie High Anxiety:-)

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