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Rain rain go away

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Saturday I was painting in Wembley (that’s Wembley in Alberta, not the one in England) at the Fire Fighters’ Challenge/Community Day.

It was wet… How wet was it you ask?  Well, upon stepping out of the RAV onto the grass, my shoes were soaked and my cargo pants wicked up the water to my knee level… I think my new $180 New Balance shoes are now dead.  When we got home and I stripped off my shoes, socks and pants in the doorway as I wasn’t walking across my floor dripping dirty water… I was so wet my feet were wrinkled like I’d been in the bath for five hours.  They just now are back to normal.

I left a huge puddle in my car but I have good rubber mats that prevented the rugs from getting wet.

We got hit with torrential downpours about half a dozen times during the four-hour job.  They had set-up one of those tents that are for cars for us, against a chain link fence on one-side so we were relatively sheltered, but the water on the ground was pretty deep.

I set my A-frame sign on a plastic garbage bag as it is wood and would soak up moisture.  It worked… sort of.  The kids leaning on the sign knocked off my sliders and the panels were on the ground getting muddy and wet.

It was slow to start but stayed pretty steady.

I bought a t-shirt from the booth next to us which was the new Phillip J. Currie Dinosaur Museum which is being built near Wembley.  Great dinosaur graphic, blue on blue.

We were in a bit of a rush this morning so I did a VERY quick design on myself:

And I still got asked if I painted myself… ?

This is what I wore a couple of weeks ago to a gig out near Valleyview:

And if you are wondering why I am wearing the same clothes in these photos (not that I think you are…) it is because I took the photos after I got home, changed into my jammies and ate… And remembered to take a couple of shots before washing it off!

Anyhow, back to the rain.  Friday night we had some spectacular thunder storms… which were the reason that the field we were in was so wet.  It was so bad that Friday evening they evacuated the Cancer Society’s Relay for Life out at Legion Field, and then cancelled the event at 11 p.m. that night as it was too dangerous with the lightning strikes.


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