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New Nails!


Had my nails “filled” last Tuesday… this is my fourth time and I am really enjoying it.  I am getting used to wearing them, which means I am not picking at them, filing them, etc. so they are staying intact until my next appointment.  My first set was gone by the time my appointment came around.  Next set I lost three a couple of days prior, last time they were all still on with two that needed to be filed down as the nails had separated at the tips.

I absolutely love this set… Ashley had a photo of a paint drip design on a white background which was cool, but I don’t want to cover the whole nail as it looks better growing out clear… so this is what she did instead.  Isn’t it great?  And so perfect for face painting!


2 thoughts on “New Nails!

  1. Very cute! I have been doing my nails to suit my facepainting too! I was looking for a design to give me ideas for my trailer and came upon a Nail Art you tube video. Last week I had Rainbow Tiger Stripes on my fingernails, this week I have Zebra Stripes on my fingers and toes!

    • I just started having gels done at the end of February… I really love them. My natural nails are flimsy and peal so this is a great way to have nice looking nails and I love all the colours and ways we can decorate them!

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