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My long weekend

On Saturday I worked a two-year old’s birthday.  It was a Mickey Mouse theme… now, generally, I avoid Disney, but it was a private party… everything there was themed, so I decided to go with the flow…

Now that I look at the photo I realized I should have brought it to a point between my eyes to be more “authentic”… which I did do it at the party on the kids as Mickey’s face was all over the place so I got it right!

One kid wanted Goofy… luckily I’ve been “watching” Goofy Who (check it out, REALLY, it is hilarious) on Facebook AND there was a balloon right there on my table with Goofy on it… turned out pretty good for a full face Goofy (no hat, no room! And, of course, no photo.)

Today I did a rodeo lunch at Tervita – they put it on for their employees.  They bought Kelly Sutherland’s tarp this year so he was there with a chuckwagon posing for photos with everyone. (For those that have no idea what I am talking about see here).  This is the week of the Grande Prairie Stompede so there are tons of rodeo themed things happening around town.

A face painting friend in Texas also makes mini hats (on Facebook Mini Hats by Jen) and my custom-made pillbox style hat arrived on Friday!   I had sent her photos of my vintage 80’s blazer that I wear to paint at parties and she made the hat to match. Today I test drove it:

It was just a quick test drive before I left for my job as it was POURING rain and I didn’t want to wreck it!  Which is why I wasn’t painted today either.

Speaking of the rain…

I got mom outside on Sunday (wheelchairs do NOT do cross-country well BTW) and we planted the Viking grave in the backyard, FINALLY.  I built that planter several years ago out of logs from trees that were cut down (I dug a trench and stuck the logs upright in the ground in an oval shape) and we intended to plant in it the following Spring… but, crap happened and we never got around to filing it with dirt or planting anything.

But this year we did it!  I picked up a couple of bales of peat, 12 bags of dirt and a couple of bags of manure and we got it done (used the Canadian Tire money I won playing poker backstage years ago!)  I had a collection of wildflowers – many miscellaneous packages of mystery seeds – and several others (varying in age from this year to 7 years old!) I have no idea if any are still viable but we’ll see what comes up.  I just dumped all the seeds together and sprinkled all over the mound.

Also planted five planters with herbs (basil, cilantro, parsley, chives, sage) and a palette planter (a palette on its side with two bags of dirt slid down inside it) with sweat peas.

The rain today saved me from having to go water everything.

On the way back from today’s gig I went to Dunvegan Gardens and picked up a flat of petunias for the front beds and a large basket for the urn on the front stoop.  The basket has white, pale pink and magenta petunias in it.  The bedding plants are a rosy pink with magenta streaks.  These will contrast well with the dark purple of the clematis, the pink of the hollyhocks, and the yellow of the lilies that are all growing really well already.

I also still have some garlic chives and parsley to plant in pots on the front stoop – easier to get at when I want to cook.

When it stops raining I’ll transplant the petunias and finish the planters.  Maybe tomorrow after work.

Oh, yeah… Friday I had my nails done again… this time I got little flower decals.  The colours go with my party painting outfit… and a little guy I painted on Saturday was fascinated with the nails and played with my left hand while I painted him with my right… he thought they were pretty cool!