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I am so excited!!!

For years and years and years I have been asking the theatre “When are we going to do CATS?”  But was told it wasn’t available to amateur theatre.

We saw the touring company of CATS in Vancouver back in the mid-eighties, twice!  I remember the tickets were $84 each which was steep.  But we enjoyed it so much, the next time it came through, we went again.

Now the show IS available and will be presented in a Grande Prairie Live Theatre/Grande Prairie Regional College co-production in February 2013 and I am the make-up lead!!!

Let me tell you, if the director hadn’t asked me there would have been blood on the floor…

The theatre announced the 2012-2013 season, which happens to be the theatre’s 50th anniversary season, on Thursday evening and as part of the presentation “Memory” from CATS was performed by Sandra Pippus… and I did her hair and make-up for it.  If you are going to be singing that song while announcing the production you have to BE Grizabella!!

I haven’t had a chance to review the production notes but I am very excited about designing the faces for the cast of characters.  At this stage I don’t know if there are specifics laid out in the licensing so I’m not going to get too far along in my own plans for the make-up, but I really hope to make them awesome!

It is a jam-packed season – full of music and comedy.  Usually there is one show a season that I think about auditioning for… this list has four or five!!  However, due to conflicts some of them would not be possible, but there are two I think I will try for which are for next spring.