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Ahoy there matey!

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Saturday night was the annual birthday theme night that Naomi and her friends do every year… this year the theme was Dead Pirates.  This was the biggest group yet – eight of them to make-up. One parrot, two wenches, and five pirates.

These guys go all out on costuming and accessories, props and role-playing.  The party usually starts in my basement as I am doing their make-up.  This year didn’t include any SFX, just face and body painting.  They bring dinner and an assortment of beverages with them and do each other’s hair, sewing last-minute costume parts, mix and match weapons and bling.  They even had a treasure chest and ship’s wheel to lug around.

Here are photos I took before they headed off on their pub crawl:


All in all I am happy with how they all turned out… I was exhausted by the time the last couple showed up so they weren’t as detailed.  It was a long day for me – headed out on the first job at 9:30 a.m. and the last of the pirates left my place at 10:38 p.m.

Now… have to wait until Halloween to see what they think up for that!


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