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Ahoy there matey!

Saturday night was the annual birthday theme night that Naomi and her friends do every year… this year the theme was Dead Pirates.  This was the biggest group yet – eight of them to make-up. One parrot, two wenches, and five pirates.

These guys go all out on costuming and accessories, props and role-playing.  The party usually starts in my basement as I am doing their make-up.  This year didn’t include any SFX, just face and body painting.  They bring dinner and an assortment of beverages with them and do each other’s hair, sewing last-minute costume parts, mix and match weapons and bling.  They even had a treasure chest and ship’s wheel to lug around.

Here are photos I took before they headed off on their pub crawl:


All in all I am happy with how they all turned out… I was exhausted by the time the last couple showed up so they weren’t as detailed.  It was a long day for me – headed out on the first job at 9:30 a.m. and the last of the pirates left my place at 10:38 p.m.

Now… have to wait until Halloween to see what they think up for that!