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This week in my little world

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Last Sunday I face painted at the annual Swan Festival out at Saskatoon Island Provincial Park.  I was painting from 12:30 to 5 p.m. with a steady line the whole day but it ended naturally exactly on time!  I do love it when it works out that way as I don’t have to turn people away.  Last kid in line was in my chair at 4:58!

It was a really nice event and the people there were great and really thoughtful.  We were constantly being asked if we needed anything, they brought mom food, and helped us with getting mom into the outhouse – it had a handicapped stall in it, but no way to get a wheelchair into the building!  And the park staff even carried my kit and things to the car while I wheeled mom around the long way.

As it was a SWAN festival I painted myself up appropriately (I took this photo after we got home and changed into our jammies!)

No one asked for this one even though it got several compliments.  I only painted two swans towards the end of the day and it was another design I had on display.

I only put out two laminated sheets of my faster designs – 16 each so a total of 32 photos.  I just attached them with poster tape (two-sided) to my A-frame sign as I didn’t want to use the table top units outdoors.  You never know if the wind/rain is going to hit and they don’t work well in those conditions.

Top picks for the day – brow unicorns, kitties, rainbow cheetahs.  Once I did one rainbow design that was it… and I have to admit the UV rainbows REALLY pop outdoors in the natural light.  This is a photo a friend took of her daughter and shared with me on Facebook.  As you can see it shows off my brow unicorn design.

This was the top pick with girls under 8 years old!

That is the extent of my photo record of the day!

This week I finally was able to get my nails done again.  The gels I had done at the end of February and show here were gone and my nails were really weak.  I was painting them with a clear fortifier to try to keep them decent.  It was a scheduling thing mostly!  When Ashley would have been able to do them I couldn’t get over to her, etc.  Finally managed this week.

Got them done Tuesday and have the next appointment already booked to fill them in a few weeks.

I asked for a swirly design in purple, white and pink with some sparkles… geesh, I sound like one of my little “customers”… LOL!  I wanted them a bit shorter than last time – will stop me from picking/pushing at them for a bit.  And it is easier to adjust to them when they are shorter too!  My own nails never get very long as they are too flimsy.

The inspiration was from a photo posted by Barefoot Butterfly on her Facebook page – she does amazing stuff!

Tonight mom and I are going to see ELTON JOHN!!!!!!!!!!!  Seems like only yesterday I bought the tickets.  We are really looking forward to it.

I have to do make-up for Paint Your Wagon before we head over to the show.  Everyone on the cast was repeatedly told/warned that the entire hair/make-up crew is going to Elton John so if they want to get done they had better be early.  I am going to be at the theatre an hour early – with mom in tow – so I can get a head start on any that were able to be there early.

The theatre shares the parking with the arena so I can get  a spot by the theatre and roll mom over to the arena.  They have been announcing on radio to arrive early as there are only 3000 parking spots in the area and there are 4500 tickets sold for Elton John (the theatre, last I heard had only sold 29 seats for tonight’s performance… most theatre goers are probably going to Elton John IF they could get tickets!)


One thought on “This week in my little world

  1. Oh Shannon, I’m so pleased to hear such lovely, positive news from you. It makes my heart feel warm and fuzzy.
    I hope you and your Mum have a fabulous time at Elton John. It should be an incredible show…
    Your new nails are very sweet. Isn’t it funny how much little things like that make us feel good?
    Huggs to you,

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