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Some fun


I painted myself today for a theme on a Facebook group called Theme of the Week, that I belong to.  The current theme is “Lawn Furniture of the Cities of the World”… pretty obscure, eh?  LOL

This is what I came up with

Adirondack Chair, Westport, New York.

I know Westport, NY isn’t exactly on the biggest hit list for “Cities of the World” but it is where the chair style apparently originated!

I used the remains of a DFX neon rainbow, TAG pearl black and Wolfe white.  HOWEVER, I now have very sore and sensitive skin under my eyes…

I have been progressively getting more sensitive to make-up products.  I’ve never worn make-up on a daily basis, but as a clown I had to stop wearing mascara, then eye-shadows, powders, false lashes… eventually gave up on the clown…

But up till recently I could wear face paint without too much problem.  I don’t like wearing DFX as I find it extremely drying on my skin… but I only painted my face, took photos and washed it off… wasn’t expecting to be so tender after such a short time.

Guess I’ll stick to Kryolan, Snazaroo and Grimas for bases as I usually do.  It was just that I wanted the impact of the neons…


UPDATE:  I won the Theme of the Week!


2 thoughts on “Some fun

  1. Great interpretation of the theme! Love it. It might be the neons that are effecting you. I’m a little sensitive in the eye area to them (all brands).

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