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It is snowing… after a couple of weeks of really nice dry sunny and warm weather where all the snow melted away, the grass started greening up and the city was cleaning the streets we got hit with snow.  It has been coming down since yesterday afternoon and is getting pretty deep.

It isn’t cold, just -4C with a windchill of -11C, so it is pretty wet snow.  And apparently we are going to be sunny and +8C by Monday so it will melt away quickly.  The wind is blowing enough that it is keeping the roof relatively clear – gusts are causing mini white-outs in front of the living room window.

Looking out there right now it is hard to remember that I actually MOWED THE FRONT YARD last Tuesday.  And put away the snow blower and the snow shovels… [sigh]  And sprayed the weeds coming up in the front beds with weed killer.

One of my co-workers at the office was actually wearing flip-flops and capri pants to work last week!

This week is opening week of Paint Your Wagon so I was at dress rehearsals on Monday and Tuesday – and the show opened Thursday, with performances last night and tonight.  It runs until April 28th.

I didn’t realize that the stage musical is quite a bit different from the movie – which starred Clint Eastwood and Lee Marvin!

Most of the cast is male and all have grown a variety of beards and facial hair!  Some are quite impressive!  The women in the show are mostly Fandango Dancers (aka prostitutes!) except for three who are the daughter of the town founder and the two wives of the Mormon preacher.

There are 22 people in the cast and I have a crew of three – two of us are doing make-up and one hair.  It is working out very well.  Usually for a show this size three or four on make-up would be needed, but with all the men only needing part of their faces done since the hair covers the rest, it is speeding up the process considerably.

I am having fun with the Fandango Dancers doing quite bold make-up on them.  And they seem to like it too.

Mom’s new casual aide for evenings is a first year nursing student named Stephanie and so far it seems to be working out great.  She is staying in residence at the College over the summer so will be available.  Last year was a real scramble to try to hire casual staff for the summer and I ended up having to hire from a nursing service as we couldn’t get anyone hired.

I’ve been feeling quite blah for the last couple weeks.  Not sick, but yukky.  I haven’t been sleeping very well this week nor have I been eating properly.  When I’ve got a rehearsal week I tend to mess up my eating patterns but this week has been really bad.

There are a lot of sicknesses going around and several of the cast at the show are quite ill… which seeing as I am touching them and breathing while working in their faces can be dangerous for me!  I keep the hand sanitizer handy and hold my breath a lot.

My new RAV4 was at the graphics shop yesterday to get my wrap installed… they had a glitch so weren’t able to get her finished so I am driving around with a half-wrapped vehicle this weekend, and only one mud flap as they took it off to install the vinyl.  There is a also some tweaking required as some lettering is a bit wonky.

I’ll drop her off again there on Monday before work to get finished.  It is exactly the same as my previous wrap.  Why mess with a cool design?  The company has my vehicle on their company website gallery from when they did my 2007 RAV4 – TrimFX Gallery Click on Vehicle Wraps – my RAV4 is images 8, 9 & 10 of 19 in that gallery.


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