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Easter stuff


Yesterday we painted at Muskoseepi Park for their annual Easter Eggstravaganza.  The park hired six painters in total for this VERY busy event (I was told that there were over 1000 kids – I think she said 1080?)  Three were myself and my crew, the other three were individually hired by the park.

The coordinator requested ONLY bunny faces.  I gave her some samples of quick designs using daubers that my crew could do and she agreed that the three of us could do those designs and the other three painters would only do full face bunnies.

I’m not a huge fan of full face bunnies – and my two “new” painters were on their first gig!  I wanted to make sure we could all do really nice designs at a decent speed and full face bunnies is not the way to do that IMO.

We had a half hour “lesson” practise session on Wednesday and both of them did great on the dauber designs.  Then I made up laminated design sheets to show the kids to choose from at the event (am I ever glad I did!)

There were some disappointed kids – the ones who sat down and wanted a tiger, transformer, bat mask, spiderguy, etc… We had to keep explaining that we were ONLY painting the designs on the sheet.  Some got up and left rather than settle for a chick or bunny.

I had bought myself one of those clicker counters as I really wanted to know how many I actually painted.  I can never remember to keep count.  Well… in five hours I painted exactly 100 kids.  I would have done more but we spent a lot of time calling “NEXT!” and trying to get them out of line and into our chairs!

Seems that full face bunnies were more attractive to them, so we would get up and go along the queue to find some kids who wanted what we were painting…

Also some of them took a very long time to choose between a chick and a bunny!!  I lost a lot of productive time with that.  But 3 minutes per kid is pretty good – considering that included getting their tush in the chair, picking a design, parents who insisted on taking a photo before they got out of my chair, etc.

The designs we did were very simple and fast… I admit to mining the forums and Facebook for ideas.  All of these were pretty much “stolen” from various sources over the last week. Quick and easy – these are my versions that I painted on myself to photograph to use on my design sheet.


My rainbows on the job were much better as I was using the right brush – a large 1.5′ filbert – and the small Grimas rainbow cake made by Bibi Freeman at FacepaintUK.

I was really impressed with the painting and speed of my “new” crew – Ashley and Jordawna – and I hope they enjoyed doing it too.


3 thoughts on “Easter stuff

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  2. Your angry chick is so adorable! and I love the backwards bunny 🙂

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