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Some St. Patrick’s Day photos

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Last night I was back at the club that hires me to paint their staff for their theme nights pretty regularly.  It is a fun gig.

The staff are always excited to see me and get painted.  One of the bartenders pretty much has his shirt off the minute he sees me…. He’s featured on another post from when I painted at their Mardi Gras night last month here.

He always has a specific idea of what he wants.  This time it was a large off centre shamrock with a white outline and the Notre Dame logo… which I didn’t know off-hand so I did an angry leprechaun.  I think that worked, don’t you?

They are the Fightin’ Irish, right?

He then came back later on a break and wanted something on his arm so I did this:

And this one I call a Shamrock Animal Print… I was sort of going for leopard spots that resemble shamrocks, but not connecting them so it didn’t just look like lots of shamrocks… I quite liked it.

And this one I call an “organic” design as I had no idea what I was doing… I just start adding colour and picking up brushes and it just happened:

And this one I was trying for a celtic knot feel… not sure if I succeeded but I like it.

Now that I look at it, it looks more like my old Army cap badge – the crossed paperclips, LOL.

And this gal told me that I am the only person she lets put make-up on her face… awww.  And she models a lot up here for photographers so does all her own make-up.

The next two are pretty standard St. Paddy designs – a leprechaun and rainbow with shamrocks:

This last one makes me laugh…. Black Irish…

So that is some of what I did last night.


One thought on “Some St. Patrick’s Day photos

  1. They look like they were having a lot of fun

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