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Butterflies and visitors

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I’m sitting here after changing all the clocks, still wearing my face painting 12 hours after I did it for a birthday party I did today.  I like it and don’t want to wash it off!!  LOL  Mom said “So don’t wash it then.”  But I’d get Wolfe Black on my pillow case.

Tomorrow morning we’re off to the airport to pick-up Lynne McKay… she’s just finished teaching face painting workshops in Vancouver and Calgary and is coming up here to visit me.  She doesn’t know it yet, but she’s going to be modelling for me so I can get my FACE renewal paintings done!

We are planning to take her on an overnight trip to Jasper… Pretty much just site seeing as nothing but skiing is open right now.  I am hoping for some wildlife at least.  The weather has been really mild and the snow is almost gone here, but that means the roads are good for driving.

And as I have a show opening this week too – The Real Inspector Hound – she gets to come to dress rehearsals and the shows with me to watch or help me… depends on if she wants to.  AND we will both be face painting at the Shark Club on St. Patrick’s Day which will be fun.

When I was in Scotland in 2006 Lynne was welcoming and a great hostess – showed us around, put us up, showed us a great time!  And finally she’s able to come visit me in Grande Prairie!


One thought on “Butterflies and visitors

  1. Hahaha, i did not know i’d be modelling for your FACE photos!! Thanks for having me here Shannon! 🙂

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